Yahoo in the dilemma of easy money

Marissa Mayer will have
to decide what to do
with $10 billion easy cash

   Yahoo is an Internet business company and not a venture capital entrepreneurial company. This is the most relevant answer on what should be done with the extraordinary cash it will receive with the IPO of AliBaba. This type of income is like a gift from gods for Yahoo. Therefore it cannot be involved in the business model. I.e. the most logic way of using the money is to return it to shareholders.


China becomes top world economy under PPP

   Is China already the world’s biggest economy? It depends on the methodology. If calculated as nominal values, USA is still number one. Just like it was in the entire 20th century. Errr… a little mistake. Some years ago, based on nominal values, number one was… Zimbabwe. Yea, with its hyperinflation, even one banknote of 100 trillion dollars was bigger not only than US economy but even than the entire world economy.


Ukraine heads for a Hollywood peace path

   Few days ago in Geneva Russia and the West completed an agreement on Ukraine crisis. Now is clear this agreement means absolutely nothing. That logically leads to a conclusion that Great World powers have already divided Ukraine into zones of influence and all negotiations are only a theater before these decisions go real.
   The most important decision that could change the situation is de facto unrealizable. Russia and USA agreed to disarm all non-government militias and free the occupied government buildings. But only hours after the agreement both Kiev’s Maidan and Eastern Russian separatists refused to execute it.


Pulitzer for a “traitor”

   Washington Post and Guardian won the Pulitzer Prize for their articles based on documents leaked by the former government contractor Edward J. Snowden. At the same time Snowden himself is declared a “traitor” and is facing lifetime or even death penalty, if being captured by US forces. At current moment he is living as a political refugee in Moscow. Said in short – a Pulitzer inspirer is hiding from US repression in… Russia. What times we lived to see…
   Praising some media with the highest award and at the same time hunting for the main contributor for this award looks as a type of social schizophrenia. Obviously some parts of society have different values. The government thinks someone is bad for society, while the free media thinks he is good for society and encourages such a behavior.
   Who is right?


IMF = execution squad in Ukraine case

   In Eastern Ukraine is going a replay of the Crime scenario with pro-Russian protesters taking government buildings, declaring “independence” and announcing referendums for joining Russia. It is obvious at the end Russia will have to accept this and annex the problematic regions. And it is logic the West and the coup d’état government in Kiev to blame Russia for “provocations”. But the real problem is not with Russia. It is with the West.


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