Aliens at the gates - USA and Russia playing a Hollywood-like war-spectacle to secretly press the world to arm

Russia and USA are playing a Hollywood war spectacle in order to make the world re-arm itself to be prepared for an alien invasion. The information is from absolutely reliable source in The Pentagon. Two major military superpowers are helped by the rest of significant countries and weapon producers. The concept is the planet to be armed again to an extreme level exceeding this from the Cold War. As this would be an enormous weight for the economy it is better to happen step-by-step and explained by artificial threats, invented by PR specialists.

So the crises in Ukraine, but also in Middle East and in Yemen, are a part of a wider strategy to increase the visible risks and this way – motivate governments to invest in armies and weapons.

The alien invasion will start in 10-11 year time, informed the Pentagon source. An enormous hostile fleet is on its way and in 2 year time will be visible for the most powerful telescopes (such as Hubble). Meanwhile The Earth has been warned by a signal sent from another alien race. According to it we are target for a dangerous predator race that is interested in suitable for life planets like Earth. Usually they are invading the planet and after achieving victory, all population is concentrated in 2-3 super mega-cities and a birth rate limit is established so the number to decrease. The rest of the planet is populated with aliens.

According to received signal, there are some entry-exit points for fast travelling in Space. The Earth has been protected up to now by the fact that the closest such point is too far away from it. So under the General Relativity limitations, after going out of the point, the spaceship will have to flee for decades until reaching the planet. Anyway, now The Earth has become attractive and the war is inevitable.

Despite the fact that the enemy is using much developed technology, there are some chances of survival. The main target of invaders is to seize the planet and not destroy it. This makes extremely powerful weapons unusable. It is expected the invaders themselves to activate some sort of blocking field that makes nuclear weapons non-working. But it will also block all similar and more powerful weapons. I.e. the war will be decided by using conventional non dangerous for the nature and ecosystem weapons. This is the usual strategy that the invaders have used on other planets. Just for additional protection the friendly alien warn signal contained information on how to build generators of the blocking field. So even if invaders change their mind, humankind will be able to block extreme weapons.

This way everything will be decided by a classic type of ground conventional war. Being on a home world and having nowhere to escape, human race will have some chances to repel the attack. Anyway aliens will have a great technological advantage and the war will not be easy.

In case we win they will not finally destroy us. Their usual strategy is to repeat the invasion with bigger forces. But this will happen in at least 50 year time. If again failed, they will try again and again. The alien warning has been sent to us by another race that periodically fights with the invaders.

So now the concept of the Russian-American strategy is to arm the planet, but without creating panic or an economic collapse. That is why some conflicts have been created. The so called “Russian threat” is already giving results. Poland contracted $8 billion weapon deal for “Patriot” missiles and helicopters. Other historically frightened by Russia countries like Latvia and Estonia are preparing big arm-investments. At the same time mid-East is in chaos with some countries with no governments and separatist militias fighting each other. Saudi Arabia is fighting in Yemen. Millions of refugees are heading towards Europe making it build new borders, walls and invest in military and security. It is a matter of time richer countries like France, Italy and Germany to start rebuilding their armies.

Note that at the same time while USA is swinging the “Russian scarecrow”, nothing is changed in space cooperation. Russia is “enemy”, but combined Russian-American crew is at International Space station. US astronauts are fleeing with Russian rockets. Nothing will change in space activities, although this is a strategic area with technologies usually kept from the eyes of the “enemy”. But Russia and USA are de-facto no enemies. They are following a common plan.

Generally the concept is right. Arming secretly in peace-time is more effective than officially militarizing the economy. This second way only temporary the arm production is increasing, but after that there appears a risk of economic collapse. Just like it happened with Soviet Union at the end of Cold War. But as this time the military weight will be very big even for USA, so a general economic collapse of Earth in face of alien invasion is not the best option. Much better is to arm everyone while the rest of the economy is normally working. That is why all this military and war theatre is on the way…

May 11th 2015

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