Antichrist will sit on the Iron Throne in Season 7

The Antichrist – the mystic son of Devil will sit on the Iron Throne in the planned 7th season of “Game of Thrones”, some new rumors appeared. The season will be dominated by the battle between the new absolute king and his main enemy – the powerless but very influential spiritual preacher John. Both John and Antichrist claim the same history that the battle between Good and Bad is eternal and moves from one world to another.

In the 7th season this eternal war has reached the world of the Seven Kingdoms and important part of it will happen there. The Antichrist claims he is the son of Devil and subjugates all seven kingdoms using supernatural powers and the fear of absolute evil itself.

John appears almost at the same time and teaches people that there is no absolute evil and the new king is not Antichrist. He says there is no Antichrist in this Universe as the Devil and all his demons are locked in another dimension. Instead the so called “Antichrist” is just a powerful follower of the Devil that had received superpowers to fight for him in this Universe. But he is not the absolute evil, he is just a man. John also says that it is even possible his (Antichrist’s) soul to be saved and returned to good.

On opposite the Antichrist says John is Jesus Christ and adds this is the decisive battle for the Universe.

Both Antichrist and John are invulnerable and no one can kill the other or even lock it. Both they have access to parallel dimensions that allow every time to escape the enemy. So the battle between them is in winning the support of the people in seven kingdoms.

The Devil’s son uses superior technology and magic powers to enslave the kingdoms and succeeds in getting the political power. Jong bets on intellectual and spiritual fight, he wants to leave the Antichrist with no support in people’s minds and even with no fear of him.

Ruling houses generally will serve the new king, but some of their members will secretly help John. The reason is that John reveals them the endless system of Good-Evil war. If the Good wins, then the world is left without any God-like power, so it can develop by its own evolution. While the Evil prevails, this means an eternal slavery and war until Good wins. So John says the history is divided between periods of Devil’s power over the world and freedom to develop independently. There are no periods of Good and God’s ruling among mortals. So hoping for the return of “good old times” with no super-kings, some nobles are helping John.


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