The Father of Anakin (Vader) - the new Dark Side Lord in Episode 7

Let me share a thought. The mysterious dark-side jedy in Episode 7 will be... the father of Anakin (Vader). He is the only one, out if Luke, that can regret of Vader and cry on his helmet. And he is powerful enough to restart the Dark Side...

 Someone working on the latest Star Wars production has been naughty and released a few concept images.

How ever hard J.J Abrams tries to keep a lid on his latest production, the numbers are just stacked against him. To be fair it's not like he hasn't been supplying the fans with information. But it hasn't stopped someone working on Episode VIIfrom revealing...... well lets just say a few concept images which do contain potential spoilers.

Why would someone do this? Maybe the person had leaked the images it in a fit of revenge for not being supplied their orange mocha frappuccino? Maybe the person in question didn't like the direction of the storyline and thought the fans were entitled to know?

Whatever the motivations were I think it is safe to assume that the person in question has now lost their job. So shouldn't we look? So that it makes his/her sacrifice all that more worth it? If you agree, then look below. If not, then push on the friendly back button. 

Concept 2 10 15

Concept 3 10 15Concept 4 10 15

Concept 5 10 15Concept 6 10 15

Concept 7 10 15Concept 8 10 15

Concept 9 10 15Concept 10 10 15

Concept 11 10 15Concept 12 10 15

Concept 13 10 15Concept 14 10 15

Concept 15 10 15Concept 16 10 15

Concept 17 10 15Concept 18 10 15

Concept 19 10 15Concept 26 10 15

Concept 30 10 15Concept 31 10 15


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