Tea Party losing to socialists

   Tea Party is obviously losing ground showed the Republican primaries. Instead – more leftish candidates are winning, calling themselves a “business wing”. In fact – classic hidden socialists.

   But it is not a surprise. The democracy itself is a leftish type of government and every democracy sooner or later is becoming socialism. And soon after that – crashing. The right choice is becoming more and more an exception under democracy. The previous such exception was Ronald Reagan. The only really right President since Theodore Roosevelt. But Reagan managed only to slow the process of turning the society left. Tea Party was the second such type of exception. And they also had a short existence and now the democracy is returning the socialism.
   Republicans that are out of Tea Party are de facto democrats. On elections democrats fight with democrats. The electors are left oriented and the politicians are responding to this.
   That is the fate of the democracy. People decide that deserve real goods and bonuses only in exchange for voting. Not working. Voting. So politicians are starting to promise and give it to them. The result is escalating taxes, government debt and economic crash.
   The right system for capitalism is not the democracy, but the limited democracy. A system where more educated and wealthy people have heavier votes. As these social groups are smaller as size, this correction is needed to guarantee the protection of productive and progressive right ideas. Otherwise they have no chance. They are doomed to be defeated by the overwhelming majority of leftish groups.
   In the last days of Western Roman Empire, the Emperor was obliged to provide for free wheat to every Roman citizen. Politicians bribed the electors in a way that led to bankruptcy. In Eastern Empire there were no democracy and the Emperor was with absolute power and was not dependent on voting. This empire survived extra 10 centuries.

Dobri B.

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