A homo wins Eurovision, Putin wins sympathy on East

   Prima facie Eurovision is a show business and has nothing common with politics. In fact it has much common, and becomes a new reason for anti-West rhetoric on East. That coincides with Putin’s advance in Ukraine, perceived by much people as the long waited revenge for the West. This year on Eurovision the winner was a half-man half-woman person, a girl with a beard. Another scandalous show person that achieved his/her purpose. And ruined the image of the West. Exactly now all west civilization and culture is under a mockery because of too-gay and too liberal thinking. This comes exactly in time to support Putin’s efforts to prove Russia’s own moral values and to strengthen the words “don’t inculcate us your values”.

   It is well known that Christianity consists of 3 branches – Roman Catholics, Protestants and Eastern-Orthodox. Although with some minor resistance the gay-culture has won a victory against the first 2 branches. Anyway Eastern Orthodox countries are still resisting. Being the biggest Orthodox country, Russia is the flagman in this battle. And in fact, the old conservative morale in these countries is very strong. This can be seen even in Russophobe country like Georgia where last year a crowd of angry moralists crushed the first officially allowed gay-demonstration.
   It is not sure the gay-culture will succeed in seizing these societies. In fact the West is accepted as weak and doomed because of allowing such morale degradation. Although the West is still richer, it is not accepted the “right” in the dispute of marriage, homosexuality and other things of this type, accepted as perversions even on the West just years ago.
   Many countries do not recognize this part of West influence that comes together with the economic penetration. They accept this as disease. There are even insults towards the West. For Instance Europe is called Gayrope and United Stated of America is called United Gays of America. In addition American military forces are accepted weak and funny because consisting of gays. Even elite SEALs are satirized as being gays.
   Some of the Orthodox Christians accept themselves as the last front line against the advance of homosexual contamination, after Catholics and Protestants capitulated. In fact if the Orthodox societies accept the homosexuality then the main religion that is against it will remain the Islam.
   But that is too far from becoming a reality. From religious point of view homosexualism is an invention of the Devil, a sodomy that once was punished by God by burning Sodom and Gommorah. From secular point of view this is a perversion that is to be cured and not tolerated.
   Now advancing in Ukraine as anti-West leader and promoting new conservative values, Putin receives support and sympathy with any case in which the West demonstrates a pro-homosexual behavior. This year’s Eurovision song competition came just in place to increase Putin’s popularity in the midst of the biggest East-West confrontation since the end of the Cold War.

Dobri B.

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