Another Red victory in Washington

As expected, the American Communist Party in its two wings, has found a solution to the budget crisis. An extra borrowing, printing money and running in an accelerating speed to the abyss. In order to stop this nonsense it was needed the effort of a single senator. This could send the vote in the next weeks.

 But no senator, incl. Rand Paul and Texan Ted Cruz, will resist the madness. These two are the most "right" and “economically conservative” senators. In the House Republicans have a majority, but they will conveniently split. So Tea Party will be able to vote "No", knowing that their vote does not matter. The vote can be stopped by the elected with the Tea Party support Speaker of the House. But this will again not happen.

Finally, the bill will go with the Secretary General of the American Communist Party, that at the moment holds the office of the head of state. He will sign, and will receive a Leninist premium ... It will be established as a prize in coming years.

The great idea called "USA" is over ... Next is just to wait the extinguish of last bulb in New York.

Oct 16th 2013

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