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There is no case in human history of fiat money not to end in inflation. It is just a matter of time. But from the thousands types of money that were used in history, all they one day have become useless and uncovered pieces of paper. The reason of this is very simple – the value of this money is guaranteed not by any type of value that belongs to the money itself. The value is guaranteed by the government, i.e. by politicians that always at the end destroy this money. Theoretically paper money can do a good job, and even serve better that the gold or silver, but this is valid only in a case if politicians are responsible and do not conduct foolish policies. Unfortunately the history proves exactly the opposite – the politics often changes and sooner or later, any politician makes foolishness.

Today a new round of stupid and funny policies is in front of our eyes. After spending loans for decades, the leading governments of the world are now under an enormous debt burden. And instead of lowering the spending and balancing the budgets the governments decided to “stimulate” the economy by… new loans and also by… money print.This is the easiest way. The history has proven it. The inflation is a friend of politicians, helping them to devalue their debts and increasing their income by so called “inflation tax”. This has happened hundreds of times in history and has always ended in one and the same way – a devaluation of the money, and de facto - robbing the savings and the labor of the people. And point this – never in history and no politician has called it “a money print”. Every time the word was different, because of the need to hide the real motives of this de facto criminal policy. Today they call it “stimulus”, “quantitative easing”, “LTRO”, “low-interest policy”, “twist” and so on. But the heart this is so and the same – printing money to devalue the debt and seize people’s assets.

The only reliable protection from this is putting your money in an asset that has its own value that is not dependent on politicians. If you live in Zimbabwe you can run from the local extremely devaluating currency and use another currency (for instance US dollar or Euro). For a long time these currencies has been a symbol of stability and has been used as a way to keep the value of saved money in problematic countries.

But today there is no more such a currency, as all global currencies are being printed and devalued. Even the so called liquid gold – the Swiss Franc has become a political toy and is being extremely printed now. So in this situation the only way to keep value in your money is to use so called
“natural money” that has proved their stability for millenniums. These are gold and silver.

No politician can print gold. The quantity of gold is almost fixed and is increasing every year with a less percent than is increasing the global production of goods and services. I.e. measured in gold, the prices of everything are to go down. I.e. the gold price to go up.

You should not make the mistake of accepting as “gold” the so called “paper gold” – the certificates traded on stock exchanges. This is not real gold. This is just a financial mystification, very similar to the paper money itself. This fictional gold can be “produced” in unlimited quantities so its price can become even $1 per ounce. The real gold is the physical one, and it must be used as a value protection. You should put your money in coins and bars, and keep them in a bank-safe or in other well secured place. Investing in paper-gold is investing in an illusion that will vaporize together with all the rest of the paper money, bravely inflated by politicians.

But the 
real gold – it is the nightmare of politicians. It is their natural competitor that always wins the game at the end. So – a real wise behavior is to save in this naturally guaranteed asset…

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