China extracting more and more wealth from the stupid West

Chinese export is extremely going up, at the same time EU, USA and Japan are agonizing and trying to revive themselves by the means only of money-print. China felt no serious crisis since 2008, while the previous developed countries are moving from one crisis towards another.
What is happening?

Something very simple – China is extracting the markets of EU, USA and Japan. China is not developing by itself. It is developing at the account of the rest by taking over their markets, production and jobs. It is not a global development today. It is a redistributing development – one countries are going up, while other are going down.

The right development would be China to go up based on its internal market and this way – add wealth to the planet. This is the way USA has become an economic superpower in 19th century, and Europe revived after WW2. Current Chinese strategy is simply exploiting the stupidity of Western leaders that invented the globalization to trade between their countries, and them allowed China to seduce it and make it a tool of Chinese new economic wonder.

The only reasonable policy today is to understand and implement the theory of the neo-protectionism. Economic systems must be closed and protected from dumping influence. The consumers must keep their quality of being workers at the same time. People must produce the goods they consume. There cannot exist a society consisting only of consumers. Today’s attempt to print money and create producing nothing consumers is doomed to inevitable crash. And the the Chinese – deeply dependent on foreign markets will feel the crisis too. A mass ritual global suicide is going on…

March 8th 2013

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