When the socialism is rising, you should prepare for poorer times

Some analysts used the news of the Hugo Chavez passing away as a ground to suppose the socialist neo-revolution in Latin America is losing power. In fact it is exactly the opposite. And Chavez was just a small star on the sky of the socialism that is advancing around the world.

In fact Chavez was an honest man. He said: “I am a socialist”, and ruled like a socialist. He was proud of meeting Fidel Castro and taking photos with him. He was proud to speak against capitalism and imperialism and blame USA for most of the world’s problems. I.e. Chavez was a socialist, but was not a liar.

Let’s look what is happening in the Mecca of capitalism – USA.

Obama will never meet Castro and will never speak against capitalism. At the same time the government is spending about 30-40% above it is collecting as taxes. The deficit is constant and the debt is progressively increasing. The most of these expenses go for welfare and social targets. Also in USA the government passed a new healthcare reform that closes the health system almost to the one in socialist Europe. Also in USA the money print machine has increased the currency supply about 3 times in 5 years. And also in USA, The President rejects any idea of cutting the spending, using leftish arguments of protecting the poor and weak. And finally, the personal income tax and corporate tax in USA are higher than in Venezuela.

So if Chavez was a socialist, how can we describe Obama?

But Obama is vowing he is a friend of the free trade, entrepreneurship and private initiative…
Let’s also look what is happening in Europe. The government intervention is extremely high, taxes are rising and any attempt of austerity is declared catastrophic.

Let’s look in Japan, where the government debt is 230% of GDP and the new prime minister is planning more and more debt to revive the economy. Can you remember how is called and economy built and revived not by the market, but from the government :)

And finally, let’s look at the last referendum in Switzerland at which the overwhelming majority decided to intervene in the forming of salaries in private companies. And this vote marks not only the thinking of the Swiss voters, but the overall thinking of the majority of voters around the world.

So Socialism is not fleeing with Chavez. The Venezuelan was just one of the many socialists that dominate and will dominate in near future in the world. And most important – he was even not among the biggest socialists. The real socialism is in the White House, Brussels and Tokyo. And this socialism is in a rise and not in decay.

Generally when the socialism is rising, you should prepare for poorer times…

March 6th 2013

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