Gold correction deepens, increasing the chances to buy cheap

May be I am repeating myself, but I can't miss the chance to say: "Buy Gold". At $1609 it is a very profitable deal. Just look at Spain with its corruption scandal, and Italy with the incredible revival of Berlusconi and everything looks clear enough. There will be a major turbulence in EU very soon.

But look also at USA. The sequester is coming. And it doesn't matter what the lawmakers will decide. In any case there will be either a money print escalation or economy fears. And soon after this, it comes the US budget and (again) the debt ceiling.

Strategically there is an instant net buying of Central banks around the world, as a protection against and uncontrollable development of currency wars and print of money.

So there is no absolutely any logic of falling prices. The only that can fall temporary it the price of gold derivatives as a part of speculative game on the market. But the big energy boiling from below is continuing. There are always corrections, but there will be also a big jump at the end. So the only rational use of the correction is to buy at it...

Feb 18th 2013

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