Apple in a cash shooting on the markets

Just as predicted, soon after Apple's shares has fallen below $450, there appeared at intervention from the full with cash company. On Friday, Apple closed at $474, proving my prognosis that having $137 billion in cash management will react and change the trend.

This week's comments and counter-comments from different sources on additional dividends, returning cash to stockholders, privileged shares, etc., all these comments are a part of the verbal intervention, trying to revert the down trend of shares. I expect also some real and money based interventions to happen.

If you look who is talking, you will see these are all commentators that have interest in higher prices. It doesn't matter if they are big shareholders, managers or the CEO itself. All they will make much money with every move-up of the shares price. So all they are talking, seemingly sometimes - even disputing, but the main purpose of all is to return the market faith in Apple, that will kick the shares up. And then the big money will be done.

It is absolutely worth using some billions from your cash, if in exchange you will get tens of billions in market value. And it is even more worth using free of charge words for achieving the same via verbal technique.

Apple has already fallen enough. It was inevitable after Jobs. The super expectations trap is triggering. But it will not happen fast. Too much money will fight against the market forces. And they will keep the battle lines for years...

Feb 9th 2013

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