Obama+Bernanke perpetual machine

Was today's drop in US economic data unexpected? Absolutely no. If fact the economy has never started improving so the data of going down is right. You can not improve the economy without any reforms, by increasing the government spending and taxes. What of all this will improve the economy... :)))

But this article is not about the economy. It is about the statistics. Today the statisticians were the superheroes of the day. In today's economy they are the main and key players. They can "improve" the economy to help The President re-elect. They can also "crash" the economy - again to help The President. This time - in finding money.

There are no any elections in near future so the bad economy means nothing for The President. But the lack of money means much. So the statisticians come immediately to help.

Obama needs money. He lacks about $1 trillion every year.

The only source of money is Ben Bernanke. And Bernanke needs a slow economy to have a reason save it by QE-s :)

And guess who says when the economy is slowing? Obama's statisticians...

A perpetuum-mobile...

Today happened something very simple - The Government Statistics produced a perfect excuse for the Government money-print factory to continue working at full power :)

Jan 30th 2013

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