It is not with the guns only, it is with the economy

Are USA the most armed nation in the world? This is a very interesting question in times of an extreme gun violence on streets, and some attempts from The President to implement a regulation. The answer is "No". The most armed nation in the world in terms of personal weapons (and without counting atomic bombs, submarines and aircraft carriers) is... Switzerland. Yes - a country richer that USA, measured in income per capita. A country much more social and leftish than USA, and a country located in Europe, where usually the gun control is stronger than in USA. But in Switzerland the average citizen owns more weapons that the average American.

And in Switzerland there is no as much violence as in USA. There are no crazy school-shooters or any types of maniacs. In Switzerland simply people own weapons, and the general social system works.

The problem in USA is not only with the weapons. It is with the general problems in society.

The main US problem is with the economy. American society can survive and be stable only when it is rich. USA can not exist, based on poor society. If people become poorer, the society starts to disintegrate and create problems.

The legal base of weapon ownership in USA is almost the same as 150 years ago. The most important legislation is the 2nd amendment of the Constitution that has not changed - i.e. gun ownership right is granted. But 150 years ago, USA was a much poorer country. So that were the days of the "wild west". Extreme violence and a lack of law in wide US territories. In next decades USA has become richer, and the era of "wild west" ended.

In 20s with the Great Depression it raised the criminal and gang business. A smaller "wild west" instance...

Today USA are again in crisis, and with current leadership that deepens the problems, this is to continue. So it is logic and normal the country to go towards the "wild west" system.

In Switzerland there are no such problems, and there is no a wild west vector...

If USA falls to the income level of Russia in 90s, the country will simply crash. Americans can not survive with 50-100 dollars per month, neither can survive their country. Russia can, but Russian people is different. USA can't. Of course, USA is far away from the $100 monthly salary. But the real wealth of US people is going down. So it is normal the social stability to go down too.

If implemented (in fact this is impossible as the 2nd amendment is almost impossible to change) any gun regulation will have a very limited influence. In USA there are always enough guns to fuel the street and crazy violence for decades. Additionally any gun regulation will harm the economy, because most of weapons sold are produced in USA. This is a highly domestic business that creates jobs, with a very limited competition from abroad.

So harming this business will increase the economic troubles, i.e. it will worsen the general social situation.

The real decision is not with the gun ownership, but with economy. With leftish measures that ruin the economy, no gun control can stop the crazy shooters. With continuing outsource of industries and more and more Americans becoming jobless in favor of bigger profits for corporate elite, it is normal more people to go crazy.

If economy is improved (i.e. less socialism, more market, better anti-dumping protection, and less outsourcing) then the people will become happier and less angry. The general social tension will decrease.

In addition, a better monitoring of guns is needed. Not limiting the ownership, but better monitoring. For instance, in some countries the owner of the gun must own also a safe to keep it in, together with ammunition. So to be much harder to take the gun. There is also a so called "test-fire" of any gun sold. This means the gun goes to police, where they fire 2-3 bullets and keep them as a sample. So after that it is very easy to find the gun of any crime that had happened. The owner of gun can be found, even if the gun is missing  And so the owner of the gun is much more careful. There are also fines for bad keeping the guns and even for losing the gun or the ammunition.

When there is a problem, it must be thought deeply, before implementing counter measures. The "First-signal" reaction that are at the moment the Obama's measures, is not always the best one. Often it can be even a stupid and counterproductive one. Just look at Switzerland and learn...

Jan 27th 2013

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