Putin to gift the Lenin mummy to Obama

For the first time in 20 years in the U.S. will be raised taxes. Guess for whom? For the "rich" :)))
Now I expect the proletarian presidents and prime ministers from around the world to unite in this type of policy and begin underpinning each other giving the example that others also raising taxes on the bad rich guys. So apparently this is the salvation of the crisis.

We all watch the fun in France with its shock-rising taxation of "the rich". But the truth is that in last years it goes a very strange process that is not much analyzed, but it happens - a massive cancelling of ... U.S. citizenship. Guess who is throwing out the passports :))). The rich guys.... So far the one of the most famous "cancellers" is Eduardo Saverin - the co-founder of Facebook...

Most Americans say "good buy" to the "American dream" in the embassy in... Switzerland :) Where elsewhere... :))

All this happens before the new tax increases in the United States, that are called "a salvation from the fiscal cliff".

Generally, the great thinkers of socialism may be were right. Marx and Lenin predicted that socialism can win a victory only globally, and not is a separate country. So now it happens. Socialism is even in Washington and on Pennsylvania Avenue. The red flag is on the White House and on Capitol :) May be Lenin and Marx even knew the procedure of establishing the global socialism. Apparently it rises by the method of infection ... :)

Taxes on the rich will save the state. What an exceptional stupidity. Obviously these leaders have not read even one line of history. What a nonsense ...

Actually the mummy of Lenin do still exists. Russians are divided what to do with it, so it still stays in a mausoleum on the Red Square in Moscow. May be it will not be a bad idea Putin to send it as a New Year gift to Obama. It will be a good replacement of the Statue of Liberty...

Jan 2nd 2013

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