Gold - buying now will bring at least $100-120 profit per ounce in no more that 3 months time

At current moment gold is at the very low level of $1660-1670 per ounce, that I think is a very suitable moment to buy. There are guaranteed money-print perspectives globally with FED promising to add nearly $1 trillion new dollars in 2013 only via the QE mechanism. Additionally the constant money print via the extremely low interest rates is continuing. At the same time a new government was formed in Japan, with new prime minister arguing in favor of weakening the Yen by more aggressive money issue policy from BoJ. And finally - it the third world economic center - EU, the debt crisis is far from ending, so the ECB will continue to pour Euros on market to lower interest rates on government bonds. So in fact only China remains as a global power with no money problems that has no interest of money-print. But China is constantly connected with the dollar, being dependent on US-market. So when FED prints, the Central Bank of China must print too, to keep the Yuan cheap.

So as a whole the fiat money pumping up is remaining and that means that commodities, energy and food are to become more expensive. I.e. there is a guaranteed strategic up-trend of Gold. This means that any correction down is a good moment to buy. I think buying now will bring at least $100-120 profit per ounce in no more that 3 months time.....

Dec 31st 2012
11:06 GMT
Dobri's prognoses are not regular forecasts of markets, but forecasts at moments when Dobri believes the processes are predictable. Generally most of the time the markets are unpredictable. But sometimes there are factors that well analyzed can lead to a good prediction. So these are the Dobri's prognoses.


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