The triumph of the socialist brainwash

Spanish Unions will can a general strike on November 14th. They also called for a EU-wide protests against the austerity. It is high probable protesters from other countries to join Spaniards and we really see a real continent-wide mass protest. In fact it doesn't matter if it will happen Nov 14th, or will happen in 3 months time. The probability of happening increases with every passed day.

These days we are to see the triumph of the ragamuffins and denying to think people that has become the most of the population of EU. After 50 years of straightforward building of the socialism, now the most destructive result is ready - the thinking of people has changed and people are thinking super leftish, believing the ideas that are clear lies and illusions. The most bad result of the Easter European socialism was the entangled consciousness. Now we are to see the same with Western European socialism.

Generally protesters do not know what are they protesting against. They believe social rights are granted and when someone tries to take some of them he is an enemy. In fact social rights are not granted. These rights are just a temporary experiment that is doomed to end one day. But when people are educated in opposite way, they are protesting. And they do not understand that they are protesting against the common sense.

In fact these protesters are protesting one against other. In Spain or Italy people are angry on austerity an require stopping it. In Germany and Netherlands people are angry of too much money spent on saving bankrupted countries. I.e. they are protesting against insufficient austerity. In Greece are protesting against Germany. And in Germany are protesting against helping Greece. Some of people even protest against themselves. For instance some protest against saving banks, but nobody thinks of sacrificing its own savings to lower the banks' problems. Saving banks is saving the savings, that if the bank defaults will be lost or  will have to be repaid by the Government. I.e. more taxes and even more cruel austerity will come. In some cases saving the banks is cheaper than defaulting them. So a protest against saving banks is a protest against saving your own savings at lower cost...

Anyway a call for a general EU-wide protest is issued. And one day it will happen. The denying to think people will protest one each other, but formally directing the rage against the Government. I.e. against the mystic and anonymous culprit that is the reason for all problems.

In fact, really the Government is the reason. Because it was a Government backed crime to establish the ideology of welfare state and educate the people in this destructive doctrine. And it is a Government backed crime to built this type of state while seeing there is no resources to finance it and there is no economic model that can be efficient enough to pay the price. Absolutely it is a crime to build for decades the welfare state, financing it via loans that created an enormous debt.

The socialism inevitably fails. It can not be healed with more socialsm. The socialism can be removed in a civilized way - if people are wise enough to understand and accept reforms. It can be removed in a crash and painful way, if people are with washed brains and oppose the inevitable change, hoping to magic alternative. The brainwash is the worst legacy of the long time propagated socialism...

October 8th 2012

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