Greece: It is not crazy the one that eats the cake... Crazy is the one that gives it to him...

There is no more profitable business today than to be a Greek. Sounds surprising? But I have a familiar that says that every profit divided by zero gives an infinite efficiency as a result. So if you are a Greek and you receive 1 Euro financial aid from someone, then you have an infinite return because you have done nothing for this 1 Euro. And Greece receives not 1 Euro but hundreds of billions of Euros as financial aid. For doing nothing... So isn't it the most profitable business in the world just to be a Greek :))) ?

The new Greek Government of Antonis Samaras is again in heavy negotiations with international creditors (Troika) in an attempt to extract 31 billion Euros without making any serious reforms. The Prime Minister said in Germany that Greece is to follow the Weimar Republic fate if no money for it. I.e. Germans must find more and more money to pour in Greece, because it can not fire government officers and cut enough costs to balance its budget. But what is more interesting - Greece is close to win in this overtrump. There is no agreement with creditors, but anyway next week Angela Merkel will go to Athens. As Mrs Merkel is one of most hated persons in Greece there is no way of making a visit without a generous present brought with you. Merkel can not go to Athens to say that the aid will be stopped. She can go only to say the aid continues. And in a good old tradition - there will be no any reforms in Greece in exchange. Just like Greece has already 3 years simulating reforms and has already consumed a mountain of money. If the reforms were done, it would not need this constantly increasing financial help...

EU is in a situation of not knowing what to do and in a result - doing everything. The opposite of the principle that when you don't know what to do you are better doing nothing. EU does not know what will happen if Greece exits the Euro zone. That is why it makes everything to keep it in. And pays any price. Greece sees this and the only that makes is complaining of "too much and painful" reforms. Painful reforms that does not exist.

At the moment Greece has much higher pensions than Slovakia and Estonia for instance. But it receives an aid from these countries! A genius demonstration of "solidarity"... :)))

Greece was almost at the point of no more compromises. It had to start real reforms. Instead Samaras is very close to total victory of granting 2 more years for the "reforms". I.e. 2 more years for doing nothing. Just like the 3 passed years. And obviously someone must pay for these new years, because the Greek budget is far away from a balance...

Greece is a Balkan country. On Balkans there is a joke: "It is not crazy the one that eats the cake. Crazy is the one that gives it to him..."

Greece is brilliantly using Balkan tricks against Western European creditors. And this will continue till creditors are fool enough to listen to Greek excuses and complaints. Till then being a Greek will be the best business in the world... :)))

October 6th 2012

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