The Jack Welch notorious "conspiracy"

Is Jack Welch right in his conspiracy theory of Obama manipulating labor statistics to win the election? Obviously yes. But not because something new and surprising has happened now. He is right because the official statistics has always been a political tool and has always been used for propaganda. It is not only Obama being helped by a beautiful statistics before elections. All governments in democratic world are doing this. And even if in White House was a Republican, he would do the same.

Only a fool can believe the government statistics. Will you believe the data given by a source that is dependent on this data? If I am a company manager and I want to sell you my shares or my product, will you believe to my gossip? Or you will look for an independent data source?

At the moment thousands of Facebook investors are suing the company for giving them a not very correct financial information before the IPO. It is obvious that the created expectations before the IPO were much higher and unrealistic than was the real situation. The Facebook shares now are more than 50% down...

Do you believe the politicians are much more honest than the corporate PRs? Do you believe the politicians are honest?

All the government statistics is intended to serve the Government and not serve the governed nation. It is a constant strategy of manipulating, and the manipulation is not only with closing elections. The formulas and methods of calculation are invented in a way that allows absolutely lawful intervention on final results. It is not illegal. The system is made by law to be influenced.

If you look at the inflation data you will see very funny results. There is no inflation at the moment of enormous money-print. But more important is that officially there is no inflation at a moment when The Government needs inflation... :)))

Do you believe the statistics? Or you believe the Gas Station numbers? Or you believe the supermarkets data?

It is official - food and energy is out of the formulas of calculating inflation. Isn't it funny? The most important goods are not counted... :))) Why? "Because their prices are too dynamic" - will answer you a high positioned official or a Capitol senator...

But the right answer is obvious - the real inflation is exactly with the most important products. It is that is felt by the people. That's why these products (food, oil) are reacting first to the inflation. And if calculated by them, the real inflation is a 2-digit number.

But if politicians recognize this inflation they will have to stop printing money and start compensating the people's incomes. They will have to pay more the retirees and also to the holders of inflation-adjusted bonds. FED will have to raise the interest rates and The President will have to pay more on the government debt... And at the end the rough truth will come - that the country is de facto bankrupted and for decades the Presidents and different administrations have conducted a stupid and unconscionable policy...

Do you believe they will do this? It is much easier to use a statistics method that just hides the inflation... :) And then only the people that think and search the truth seriously, will know the truth. But 99% of people does not do this...

So do you believe Obama - The President that appoints the Labor administration, The President that have the right to order murders, do you believe he will allow bad statistics just before the election day? And "Obama" is just a name. Do you believe The President will allow the inferior to him administration to work against him?

I think if he allows this, he is a fool and deserves to lose the election...

So obviously Jack Welsh is right. It is interesting if he would say the same if in White House was a Republican incumbent President. But in all cases everything is upon the voters. It is upon their desire to think, to analyze the real life that can not stay hidden behind statistics, and to make a rational decision. Labor statistics is not a decisive factor when unemployed see they are with no jobs and everyone's expenses are rising.

October 6th 2012

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