2400 millionaires with social payments

According to a congressional repost, about 2400 millionaires have received some type of social payments - mostly unemployment benefits. As expected the lawmakers are angry and are trying to pass amendments to stop this funny practice. But it is just the tip of the iceberg. The so called "welfare state" is the real part of the iceberg. The welfare state is a social absurd that is hopelessly and non-recoverably doomed to be robbed. That is just a system that invites the robbers.

Most of the payments of social system are useless and absurd. These payments are regressive and make the society develop slower by demotivating the people's initiative and working. Obviously the millionaire's unemployment payments are among the most scandalous results of social system. But the overall size of these expenses in not so big to be a serious problem. It is just a screaming label of the stupidity of the system. The main and most destructive expenses  are the ones for non-millionaires. That are  not only 2400, but are millions themselves.

It is difficult to understand what a 99 weeks of unemployment benefits mean? Why is this money paid? To motivate people not to look for a job and work. When someone receives such a payment he usually waits for its expiry before starting a new job. Even if such a job exists. Why do you need to work when the Government pays you for not working? The statistics shows that the average period of receiving this money is 79 weeks. I.e. a year and a half. And just in last half a year of payments you really find a job. It is clear that these 6 months are the real time of active job-search. Before that - a parasite existence at government expense... :)

And it is not only the unemployment benefits. There are so much types of payments that are difficult to understand from a rational point of view. But they exist - as a result of decades of step-by-step building the modern socialism, called more attractively a "welfare state".

The "welfare state" can not be repaired. Amendments strategy of representatives and senators show only their political short-sightedness. Every repair of the unrepairable leads to new problems. Just like the always-good intentions while adding new and new social policies at the end lead to an overall budget nightmare. The only working decision for the absurd called "welfare state" is its removing. A state of personal responsibility is the real decision. It is inevitable one day we will reach there. The question is only how this will happen. Wisely - by a rational decision. Or in chaotic way - after the guaranteed crash of the social absurd.

We started with something funny, let's end with something funny. With the instance of the $200 000 government subsidized research that ascertained the fact that after drinking alcohol the women is more eager to have sex... :))

October 2nd 2012

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