Will The Wehrmacht follow to guard the German pensioners in Greece... :)))

An army of German pensioners will go to Greece to establish there a working tax-system. The idea comes from the IMF and some such experts are already in Athens.

While sounding funny, this idea is neither new nor stupid. It is a real decision for regions where local authorities has lost their entire ability to rule, and where the administration is hopelessly ruined and corrupted. In fact the idea does not belong to IMF. The Russian Tzar Peter The Great has done the same in 18th century in an effort to modernize its empire. He invited German experts to work in Russia. The experiment was successful. Some decades later even a German Princess has become the Empress of Russia under the famous name Catherine The Great. Both Peter and Catherine were super successful rulers.

Greece is a hopeless country. It is led by a super corrupted elite that has no confidence among people. Now the same culprits that created this catastrophe are expected to solve the problems. After 3 years of lacking reforms, Greece is nowhere.

But it is not only the politicians. The administration is hopeless too. There are almost 1 million state officers in Greece, while needed no more that 100 thousand. The rest are party nominees and sinecure positions created just to bribe own party activists on elections. In addition, state officers can not be fired. There is a constitutional ban on firing government employees. The result of all this is constantly increasing state administration and in fact - an administrative bubble.

Now this bubble is bursting. And in Greece in fact there is no any functioning administration. No any administration. The problem is not only the tax-system. The problem is everything.

So the German pensioners in Greece is not a bad idea. But may be it will be needed also some German soldiers there to guard them from the angry Greeks...

Today it became clear that Greece will receive the new 31 billion Euros in bailout help, never the less the promises for reforms were not fulfilled. Europe is afraid of "domino-effect" if Greece leaves the Euro-zone. That's why EU will pay again.

As this game continues already 3 years and every time one and the same happens - Greece does nothing, but money come, so it becomes clear and logical that this will repeat again. It is a rational choice. Why to make reforms when at the and you will have your money with or without reforms :)))
Every time we go out of simple market principles due to "higher and more important priorities", every time the inevitable consequence is a misuse of this "priorities". An endless misuse...

One day all this will end. But when - nobody knows. By now the generosity of Merkel is endless... :)))
It may sound like a joke, but if Germany is paying to Greece bureaucracy, isn't it fair Germany to appoint the officers in this bureaucracy :))

September 30th 2012

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