The Revolution of the think-denial - One for All, All for One

Millions are protesting in Greece, Portugal and Spain, and also in some other financially troubled countries. It is not an exaggeration to call it a "revolution". Yes, these people can even kick out the Government. And the situation is going worse and worse with every passed day.
But let's look what are this protests about? Who is the enemy of protesters?

It is the Government. These people are angry of the Government and expect from it to do something to help them, or at least to stop cutting from their current wealth.

But what in fact can the Government do? It can take from other members of the same society to give the protesters. But what if this is impossible? So what is the purpose of protesters?

In fact, exactly this system of taking from "the others" has led us to current crash. The Government has taken more and more, and when it could not take more, it started to borrow loans. Now the moment of truth has come. And no way to avoid the pain. It is needed to repay the mistakes of the past.

Instead of accepting the pain, the crowd just rejects it and asks for something better. They don't think and don't say how to do this. They simply require. And they are millions.

Such type of irrational motivated revolution can lead only to a social regress and worsening the situation. Crushing the Government is not a decision, it is just an act of revenge. It will not create new wealth and money to distribute among the poor. It will only add a chaos as a new problem to the current problems...

In fact even the protesters have no common interests. In this crowd we can see working people angry on higher taxes and going down wages, and at the same time - unemployed angry on low social security and unemployment benefits. We can see pensioners, asking for higher pensions, and small businessmen asking for less taxes.

These interests are controversial. The government can not meet all these requirements simultaneously. But never the less, all these people are allies against the Government. All they hope that a mystic decision will be found and somehow the Government will decide their problems...

But all this will not happen. The way out of crisis is individual. Everyone must find a job, create a job, and do it, and not to wait for a salvation from the catastrophed itself Government. The exit from crisis is not an One for All, All for One cause. The way of think-denial is not the way to success. It is the way to failure. The exit is One for One system and nothing else. A great personal responsibility....

When looking at today's revolutions, I am changing my mind on the history that we have red from the schoolbooks. If all great revolutions were moved by such type of protesters and irrational motives, then these were not a progressive revolutions, but a slowing the social evolution events. May be we will have the chance of re-evaluating the "glory" pages of our history lessons. If the French revolution was in fact led by such type of lazybones and idlers, requiring more benefits from the Government (The King) then it is not surprising that this revolution has led to much very strange results. And so on with the other "great" revolutions.

Look at streets, may be we are seeing something that historians one day will call a great revolution... :)))

September 29th 2012

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