The real problem of Mitt Romney... it is not the 47%-blunder

While most media and commentators are focusing on 47%-blunder of Mitt Romney, almost nobody comments the inability of the candidate to mobilize its own Republican voters. In fact Obama does not have 47% of all voters, but 47% of voters that intend to vote. Romney has 43%, and another enormous group of voters deny to vote. Sometimes this group is bigger than the voters of Democrats and Republicans counted together.

The main problem of Obama is not the loss of some digits due to 47%-insult to Obama's voters. The main problem is the enormous number of Republican voters that Romney kicks into non-voting group. Mitt is simply not persuasive. He is a businessman that has made millions on abortion-related activity. He is a Mormon, that is not accepted as real Christian by much of religious Americans. And he has no an economic and budget program that seriously differs from Obama's one. In fact in economy Romney is Obama-2. So right conservative voters have no motivation to support him. And they just decide not to vote.

When Romney criticizes Obama's voters to be too dependent on Government programs, and de facto voting just to receive money from the Government, he misses to say that if he becomes a President, he will continue to spend on the same voters. The Republican program for spending cuts is almost the same as the one of the Democrats. So in fact most of the same Government programs will remain along with the same beneficiaries.

Both Obama and Romney are leftish socialist candidates. But while with Obama this is a win-election option as this mobilizes its voters, with Romney this is a real problem as he demobilizes voters sending them to "miss-the-election" group.

The margin between 2 candidates now is 5-6%, that is enough for Obama to re-win. But this is far less than the potential of real conservative voters that are expecting something like Ron Paul or another brave speaker that loves the truth. Even the inconvenient truth that the society is spending much more than it is earning and that we are at the days of ending the  welfare state. I.e. the unpleasant truth that the living standard is to be lowered to balance the system and avoid the crash...

September 20th 2012

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