A good moment to sell Apple


Today Apple's shares marked a new price record of $675. After that  a small correction appeared, but the price level is again around $660. I think it is a good moment to sell and open short positions with Apple. This company is much over valuated, so the most probable trend is down. There is no economic factors to back so high value of this corporation, although these days will be remembered as Apple becoming the most valuable company in the world. But generally Apple is something like a semi-bubble. It really has a great value, but also has much artificial value, based only on dreams and investor's hopes. I think in near future we will see price levels below $550 and even below $500. As now shares are over $650, it is a good moment to profit via a short position. Sell and be enough patient. The success will come...

August 21st 2012

Was this prognosis right? Look at the results analysis...
Dobri's prognoses are not regular forecasts of markets, but forecasts at moments when Dobri believes the processes are predictable. Generally most of the time the markets are unpredictable. But sometimes there are factors that well analyzed can lead to a good prediction. So these are the Dobri's prognoses.

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