100 years of Milton Friedman

Today is the birthday of Milton Friedman - one of the greatest economic minds in human history. But it is also a special birthday - if being alive, Milton would become a 100 years old.

The life of Friedman was not short - 94 years, that can call an envy. And it was also a very dynamic and full of energy life.

Today, when we see the entire economic crash of artificial economic paradigms, the truth-tellers like Friedman are very useful for opening our eyes.

The former Estonian prime minister Mart Laar has a joke. He said he has red only one economic book in his life, and that book was written by Milton Friedman (Free to Choose). Today Estonia is one of the best performing countries in current crisis  with impressive growth and no government debt or deficit. The policy implemented by Laar in his mandate continues up to now and makes Estonians richer and richer, while other EU countries are becoming poorer with every passed day.

Mr Friedman is a decision today. The problem is politics can't understand this. They still believe in the strong government intervention in economy and that it is a job of government to fight the unemployment through government spending. Spain is wondering why it has 25% of unemployed and does not see that its economy is absolutely socialist with heavy repression for freedom and entrepreneurship. And instead of making liberal reforms in Friedman style (tested successfully in Estonia) they are looking for a government financed decision.  France is even worse, although is not yet bankrupted. But is on the way with new taxes and state-subsided jobs.

One of the main benefits of Friedman was his charisma and ability to propagate the ideas of freedom. Now it is our job to propagate the ideas of Friedman... If we succeed our own future will be better...

100 years of Milton...

July 31st 2012

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