How the mafiots will elect the madness in Greece

Alexis Tsipras is the new super-star in Greek politics and the most probable next prime-minister. He is a left utopist that plans to nationalize banks and to cancel all payments of old debts, but without going out of Euro-zone and without printing Drachmas. There is no explanation how it this possible in one and the same time. But populists rarely think about possibilities. They think only about emotions and how to use them in their interest. So Tsipras is to become the European Hugo Chavez - a catastrophic as results leader that anyway is very popular among people by succeeding every time to blame someone else for the problems.

But something else is more interested in Greece now. Are the Greeks so stupid to elect their "Chavez" and to become literally the funniest joke in Europe?

No. Not exactly...

Greeks really vote for Tsipras but at the same time the same Greeks are withdrawing their Euros from the banks. So Greeks obviously do not believe much in Tsipras and in Drachma. So this is a paradox. In what of their actions are the Greeks more sincere - when voting for Tsipras, or when withdrawing money? It is interesting how it is possible to combine both - vote for populist, whom you do not believe, and taking as many money as possible home? How is this combination possible?

The answer is very simple - the Greeks do not vote for Tsipras. He will take no more than 20-25% on upcoming elections. But he will benefit from the mafiotic Greece political system that will give as a present to him an extra 50 deputies. Together with other smaller crazy parties Tsipras will have a majority and will become a prime minister. This manipulative political system was established by the two old mafiotic parties of Greece - New Democracy and PASOK. The main idea of the system is to keep any competitor away from the power and it just to jump between these 2 branches of the oligarchy. It was never planned someone else to take these 50 extra-deputies.

So Tsipras will become a prime minister, not because the majority of Greeks are crazy and choose a crazy leader. It will happen thanks to the mafia electoral system. This is very similar to the rise of Hitler in Germany. He never received a majority of votes of German people. But the bugs of political system of Weimar Republic, along with series of political combinations have made him a chancellor.

So asking what do the Greeks want, maybe it is better not  to watch the election results, but to see their behavior in bank offices. Taking this in mind, most of Greeks support the bailout plan, support the Euro and are against leftist experiments with the country...

May 18th 2012

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