Gold is back in game

Just as predicted 9 days ago, Gold was deeply devaluated and it is a chance to buy cheap. As from yesterday a new bullish trend started, making profits for all that believed this advice. It is a second moment when the one who has bought at $1584 is making profit. Anyway I expect soon levels above $1650 so even the advice to buy at $1630 will bring profit for these investors that had kept their positions while Gold was falling.

Just as expected the reverse happened after the end of the Greek show when it became clear the news will be bad. But this was a good news for the markets, as uncertainty is worse than the bad news. So with the end of uncertainty, the bearish move has ended.

The major sign that the fall of Gold was fake was the
stability of the Swiss Franc. There is no logic for Gold to go down and the Franc to stay stable. Now we see this logic is right.

There is a strong pro-Gold situation worldwide. The Euro is about to collapse due to
Spanish problems, French populism and Greek drama. But the dollar is also not so sure investment after Bernanke finally found an excuse to start the QE3. So the only secure investment is now Gold. And may be also the Swiss Franc although there is a risk of political intervention with it. So my advice is to invest in Gold...

May 18th 2012

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