The Greece uncertainty is over - markets will restart up

The result of the Greece drama has come - new elections will be held with possible outcome even worse than the current situation. It is clear that in months time the country will enter in a second and more official default. It will be also more chaotic.

But this is a good news for the markets. Markets like good news and accept bad news. The thing that makes the markets mad is uncertainty. When the markets are mad, the result is a series of absurd movements. In last days we saw a bearish movements that are illogic in a generally inflational situation. There is no serious arguments the prices to fall when money-print machines are at full power. I think some not so visible players had used the Greece uncertainty to press the markets down so they can buy cheap. I think they succeeded and very soon they will have the chance to sell expensive. So it is wise to buy now under-valuated assets.

Greece is too small country with too small economy to have serious influence on markets. But Greece as an emotion and as a formal reason for bear-movements is welcome for market manipulators.

So with the government-elect-negotiations failed in Athens and new elections on horizon, the uncertainty is over for at least a month. A month is too long time for low prices to be kept. The markets are over flooded with liquidity that boils to inspire a bullish trend. The time of manipulations is ending and the time of real market factors is back. So - buy. Buy gold, oil, some shares. In a month time you will make much money...

May 15th 2012

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