A spectre of John Galt is haunting USA

No it is not a chapter of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged". It is a real news by a reliable source. More and more Americans are giving up their citizenship. This absurd situation looks like in a comedy movie as millions of people all over the world are dreaming of coming to America and the Green Card lottery does not lack applicants... But if we open the Rand's unique book we will see exactly the same. The active, rich and entrepreneurial people are running away from the Socialist USA, while common people - workers and government officers are staying. The Rand's scenario is very close to current situation with citizenship throwing. And this means a serious danger for USA.

In "Atlas Shrugged" the US economy crashes after entirely abandoned by a small but important group of talented people. These are the same people that has always been hated - rich ones. So now exactly they are giving up their citizenship. What will happen with the US economy if this process continues? Will the story of Rand repeat in real life? Will USA crash?

If the first part of the story coincides, this may mean the second will coincide too. Ayn Rand was a clever woman and much of her fans believe her books are not just a fiction, but a prediction.

So who is John Galt? May be soon this will become a real question in FBI and CIA. If too much wealthy Americans continue to throw away their citizenship, then The White House may suspect an international conspiracy against USA and assign a new task to secret agencies. A mystic "John Galt", under may be other name, will have to be found and eliminated as the most dangerous terrorist, that undermines the American dream...:))

It is not sure if someone will start searching Galt, but another thing is absolutely sure - there will be no change in US tax laws to address the problem and remove the absurd taxing of US citizens living and earning money abroad. Just like in "Atlas Shrugged" the Government will never see the truth that it - itself is the problem. It will not see it even when it is said directly. Instead the Government will continue to search someone to blame and to punish him ruthlessly.

It is not real to expect for the President to suggest a law change to allow "the rich" not to pay taxes when they are abroad. In fact at the moment exactly the opposite happens - Obama is trying to establish new taxes on the rich. It is a heresy to fight for the rich at times of high budget deficit and much people becoming poorer and poorer.

But this is just the Rand's scenario. The society collapses due to excessive repression against talented (rich), and at the same time the populists become even more popular by blaming "the rich" for all problems. And implementing new repressions.  No one sees the truth and the society is fighting against its own interest, while believing it is fighting with the evil...

I think it is a good moment for more people to remember Rand and to read the "Atlas..." There is still time to start being wiser...

May 2nd 2012

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