Hollande is to kill the French football

It is interesting to find that if the French Presidential election frontrunner Francois Hollande really passes the promised 75% tax on income over 1 million euros ($1,3 million) he would kill the French football (soccer) along with at least few hundred leading French sportsmen in other areas. The fate of French football is not crucial nor for the existence of the Universe, nor for even the football as a game. But it will be an interesting execution. The clubs can not flee away from France, they must play in France. So off-shore saving schemes will not be possible. The tax will have to be paid. So imagine a football-star with 4 million euros annually, that will have to pay Hollande 3 million of them... :) It will be really funny... And imagine a super star with 10 million euros per year and 7,5 million for Hollande... :)

April 24th 2012


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