Rutte resigned: Netherlands is giving its tribute to EU instability

The Dutch government, led by Mark Rutte, resigned after being unable to negotiate the needed spending cuts to lower the budget deficit and fight the EU crisis. Formally the main guilt lays on Geert Wilders - a far-right fanatic with anti-immigrant and ant-Islam political program. But the real reason is the money. The money is always the real reason. Governments all over EU are falling due to money-problems that lead to people discontent and shake the support for every party that tries to make cuts. Governments fall even having a stable majority and not being dependent on smaller parties. In Italy and Greece there was no loss of parliamentary majority, but the prime ministers resigned, being replaced by expert-cabinets.

Obviously now the extreme populist Wilders does not like to lose voters and rejects the austerity program. In fact, due to strong economy in Netherlands, its projected austerity is relatively small and symbolic. But obviously even this is not acceptable. So now in a mid of debt-crisis with rising interests on Spain bonds, weakened Sarkozy in France and elections in Greece that will produce a 10-parties parliament, Netherlands adds its contribution to instability. And as it is expected Wilders to have more votes on a preliminary elections (that is the reason he calls for them), so the elections will in fact make the situation more complex. It looks as EU is accelerating towards the abyss...

April 23rd 2012

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