What do the info mess mean - optimism or pessimism

US economy continues to emit controversial signals, as the unemployment and existing homes sales went bad at the same day the index of leading indicators went good. In last few weeks the top world economy is shaking between recovery and new recession and every newly published indicator confirms this instable situation. In fact most of these indicators mean almost nothing, due to too much political intervention in calculating them, as a part of the efforts to put the crisis under control. In this mess we could see even absurd situations like having at one and the same time both employment and unemployment going down.

If fact all that we see is an informational mess. That is the real mess. When using the information weapons for combining together incompatible targets, the politics are creating this - an information mess that leads to a full confusion of the audience.

But even the info-mess can tell us much about the real economy. In fact you don't need mess if everything goes OK and the economy is going up. If this happens, the results will be felt everywhere and in fact, even much statistics will not be needed. Generally a mess is needed when you try to hide something. So the existing of controversy and uncertain signals is may be an indirect evidence of bad situation. So it is wisely to be preferably cautious than adventurous... on markets...


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