Gold plunged in a stop-order attack


Gold and silver plunged an hour ago. I think this is a preparation for a big jump up. There is no serious reason of metals to go cheaper in days when EU is ahead of comprehensive debt crisis. A crisis that will lead either to an extreme inflation or to a series of government bankrupts, and even may be - to a disintegration of euro-zone. I think big traders are hitting stop-orders of the crowd, before the new bull-rally, powered by investor-fears and too much liquidity on markets, starts. In fact on markets there is no even a single optimistic factor that can give hopes of a real change. No real change - EU is going bankrupt, and USA is behind them with the small "advantage" of dollar moneyprint. In situation where the only positive news come from manipulated statistics, and even it is much unconvincing, in this situation there is no logic in cheap gold. So my advice is - use the moment and buy...


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