Will the Euro disapper?


Will The Euro disappear? Not, this is not one of the thousands analyses if or not the EU currency will exist? It's just a thought flash of what do really means such type of question?
Money is the most important thing in economy. All economy is money-based and is constructed to make money. No one works for a piece of bread or for a gallon of gas. Everyone works for money. So how is possible such type of question to exist? Will the money (euro) disappear?
May be this question marks the madness where the world was brought to. 300 years ago it was simply impossible for money to disappear. Even if a king or an emperor had decided to ban the money, they would still continue to exist. Why? Because money was gold. And gold was money, independently from the willfulness of the kings. The money was above the kings.
Today's money are not gold. They are pieces of paper, printed by governments and with guaranteed by governments value. So the value of the money is the value of the confidence we have in government. So if the government makes a mistake or if we lose the confidence, then the money can lose their value too.
In French revolution the angry crowd has guillotined the king. But nothing changed with the French money with the same king stamped on them. Because it was gold, never the less whose profile is on the coins. Today no king or government boss is to be executed, but this can happen to the... money.
Yes, it is absolutely possible for the Euro to disappear. Gold cannot disappear, but paper can. And the confidence in politics too...
In fact who is creating the value of the euro? ECB? No. Germany? No. The entire EU? No. The euro has no value. The euro (and the dollar too) is just a promise that it will have value and you will be able to buy goods with it. But who guarantees this promise? A group of governments that are bankrupted and some hybrid institutions of EU, entirely dependent on the same governments. Who is guaranteeing the euro? When The French decapitated the Louis XVI, the money guarantee was the gold in them. And no king was needed to guarantee them. Now money with weak government means no money...
It is really funny to talk about money to disappear. There is no logic of the thing that everyone is looking for to crash down. It is logical and normal to talk about the opposite - the one with no money to disappear (bankrupt, decapitate, run in exile). If the government has no money so the government is down. If EU has no money so EU is dissolved. But it is strange when the government has no money, to destroy the... money.
It is strange, but it is possible. Since the times when money stopped being gold and having its own value, the money became just politics. And as we know, the politics is often just a synonym of crime... :)
May be in close future we will have again money absolutely independent from the crime... :)


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