Low employment and unemployment together... :)))


 2 days after the "very good" news of low unemployment, another news appeared on stage - the news of lower than expected... employment. It really look ridiculous having both low employment and unemployment at the same time. And both news to come from the same source - The Government. But it's not the only controversial case these days. FED is also doing its job to throw into confusion  the audience by shooting opposite signals in a few consecutive days. So on March 27th Bernanke said that FED may be will print some more money and on April 3rd the minutes of the FOMC meeting (held March 13th) contained data that FED may be is thinking of stopping the QE policy. So what is going on?
It is going the "I do not know what to tell, so I am telling everything foolish that comes to my mind".

The government need both low unemployment and low employment at the same time. They need good economic results, because of the elections and re-electing Obama. But they need also a massive money-print from FED that will finance the enormous budget deficit. A too well looking economy (well looking in statistics) will be a problem for Bernanke. He will not be able to print money presenting it as an anti crisis measure. A too bad going economy means no second term for the President. So they are trying to help Obama with some good news, and leave Bernanke free for starting QE3 - with other not so good news.

So where is the truth? Do we have low unemployment, or we have low employment? We cannot have both together.

I think we are having just PR. Absolutely artificial statistics that means nothing. Just numbers, created by politic-financial combinators, targeting controversial things. There is no reliable data on the real condition of the US economy. There is only propaganda that sometimes leads to absurds - just like having low employment and unemployment together. The difference between the truth and the propaganda is that the truth is based on real facts, and you cannot have incompatible factors together. With propaganda it is different - no basic real data, it is just someone's imagination. So one imagines employment, and other imagines unemployment. And we have both... :)))


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