Greek bailout - part 2 of collective madness

What is my opinion on the new Greek bailout?
It is a clear bullshit. The so-called European solidarity is a parody of solidarity. What does the word "solidarity" means? Solidarity is when a stable and richer person helps a person in problem that is much poorer. The purpose of the solidarity is to help the poor to become more rich and stabilize himself.

So what we see with the new bailout plan?
We see poorer than Greece countries to give money to Greece to save it. Countries like Slovenia, Slovakia and Estonia have 2-3 times lower living standard than Greece. But they have to lend money along with IMF and rich countries like Germany. It is really funny. The "deep" reforms of Greece lead to lower pensions for retirees with over 1200 euros per month. At the same time countries with an average pension of 300-400 euros must give Greece money to help it keep it's higher pensions... :) It is ridiculous...
The funny facts on Greece bailout are even in comparing with Germany. For instance a train motorman in Greece can have higher salary than his colleague in Germany. The Greek railroads are a bankrupted state-owned company that consumes an enormous sum of tax-payers money every year. And instead of reforming and privatizing the railroad, Greece just takes bailout money and pours in railroad. The poorer German train motorman pays for the richer than him Greek one. Isn't it funny... :)
But the most funny thing is in real short time history. In last 2 years Greece has already taken 110 billion euros of bailout funds. For this time it had to reform its economy and now it had to be a stable country with balanced public finances (like Ireland for instance). Instead - we have a need for a new and bigger bailout... :)
But let's look at the rescue team. So called "stable" EU members are in fact deeply indebted. Even Germany and France have large public debts that increase with all these bailouts. The situation is disastrous on financial markets. All possible money are drained to buy government bonds and there is no money for real economy. Even this way, the money are not enough, so ECB has to print and pour on market. What is the final result of this madness? We will see it in near future - altogether bankrupt when there is no one to bailout the big countries. And a beautiful inflation... :)
And finally - what generally can Greece guarantee in exchange for all these sacrifices... In fact - nothing... Greek voters are against this bailout. And they will vote on preliminary elections in April. Polls are showing an increasing support for radical left, anarchist and nationalist parties. It is not sure even that the two leading now parties will have together more than 50%. So these 2 parties - that now negotiate the bailout, may not be able to implement it after elections...
Greece is a very talented country in creating dramas and cashing them. We see nothing new in this. Greeks are genius in converting their internal problems into international problems and manipulating other countries to pay for resolving problems... It is so simple... While there are stupid payers will always exist smart collectors of their money... In this situation Greece deserves only congratulations and the eurozone lenders deserve only derision... Don't worry, be happy... :)


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