The bonusless bankers of EU

One of the most stupid EU policies is on its way. The bonuses of bankers will be limited to the size of the base salary. In exceptional cases – 2 times the base salary. An absolute victory of the socialist thinking.


The broken Italian democracy

Many comments circulate around the world today on the stalemate Italian elections, and even much more interesting is the news from the markets. But the main news is not the blocked parliament, but the mechanism of blocking it. This mechanism shows the full destruction of the Italian political system that explains also the economic troubles and the inevitable default of this country.


3 days to the sequester, let's hope it will happen

It is only 3 days to the sequester, and let’s hope it will happen. It will not the best, but will be a move in the right direction.


F-35 - the ultimate money killing weapon

Do USA really needs the F-35 super-fighter-jet? Absolutely no. It is an instance of foolishness and wasting money. It is a symbol of the upcoming bankruptcy of USA.
Let me tell you an interesting story. The best tank during the WW2 was the German "Tiger". But the war was won by one of the worst tanks - the Russian T-34. Why?


Another verbal intervention from FED

Verbal interventions have become the only tool for supporting the dollar and manipulating the markets from FED. And the FED's minutes have become one of the major tools for verbal interventions. So yesterday the last FED's minutes went public and expectedly - the markets went down. But it will be naive to think the talking between some FOMC members that know they will be published, mark the real content of the thoughts of these people. These are public expressions and not professional analyses.


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