How the mafiots will elect the madness in Greece

Alexis Tsipras is the new super-star in Greek politics and the most probable next prime-minister. He is a left utopist that plans to nationalize banks and to cancel all payments of old debts, but without going out of Euro-zone and without printing Drachmas. There is no explanation how it this possible in one and the same time. But populists rarely think about possibilities. They think only about emotions and how to use them in their interest. So Tsipras is to become the European Hugo Chavez - a catastrophic as results leader that anyway is very popular among people by succeeding every time to blame someone else for the problems.


FED finally found an excuse for QE3

After months of speculations an verbal manipulations of the market, the truth rose as inevitably expected. FED will print more money as a reaction to the crisis in Europe. It is not clear how printing dollars and pouring them in USA will affect the negatives of EU crash. But EU is an enough excuse to start printing.


Look at Greece, think of Spain

While most analysts are looking at the Greece theater, the real and much bigger problem is rising in Spain. After series of stupid political decisions, with most important of them - stopping the even not started reforms, the country as expected is heading a catastrophe. The interest on 10-year bonds rose again to 6,5%, that with the enormous Spanish debt means almost a default. Instead of making reforms and cutting spending the prime minister Rajoi is just praying on the icon of Draghi to start printing money.


Does Greece has any chance?

Most of media and journalists are now concentrated on whether in Greece a new government will be created to implement the saving plan. But I think this is not the main question. The main question is if generally Greece has any chance of being saved. I don't think so. The entire Greek "reforms" are just an agony for both sides - Greece and its EU-partners pouring thousands of billions of Euros in the troubled country.


John Galt kidnapped a new US man of success

The co-founder of the Facebook Eduardo Saverin decided to cancel its American citizenship and to live for a long time in Singapore. The decision is just before the Facebook IPO that if successful will make him an official billionaire. And also - a big taxpayer to comrade Barack Obama - secretary general of the Socialist States of America... :)


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