The Revolution of the think-denial - One for All, All for One

Millions are protesting in Greece, Portugal and Spain, and also in some other financially troubled countries. It is not an exaggeration to call it a "revolution". Yes, these people can even kick out the Government. And the situation is going worse and worse with every passed day.
But let's look what are this protests about? Who is the enemy of protesters?


Funny: Oil going cheaper in a money-print vortex

In last few weeks we see a market paradox - central banks officially are printing money, Gold and food react as expected - by going up, and at the same time Oil is going down. How this is possible? The markets are over flooded with dollars, yens, Euros, pounds, Swiss francs and much other less popular currencies in an effort of everyone to devalue its one and win positions in currency war. And at the same time currencies are becoming more expensive compared to so fundamental resource like Oil.


The real problem of Mitt Romney... it is not the 47%-blunder

While most media and commentators are focusing on 47%-blunder of Mitt Romney, almost nobody comments the inability of the candidate to mobilize its own Republican voters. In fact Obama does not have 47% of all voters, but 47% of voters that intend to vote. Romney has 43%, and another enormous group of voters deny to vote. Sometimes this group is bigger than the voters of Democrats and Republicans counted together.


QE3: The privatization of money-print

My yesterday's prognosis was entirely crushed by FED that announced the QE3. Anyway the prognosis is semi-right as it was based on other principles. The prognosis was right because it said that at the moment the Government does not need the money-print start. It will be needed at the end of the year. So there is no logic of FED to intervene. And in fact FED will not intervene on government bonds markets. So the prognosis as a logic was right.


75% chance of a Second French Revolution

The most crazy pre-election promise of Francois Hollande is on its way. A super tax of 75% on so called "rich" is to be imposed. At the same time the richest Frenchmen Bernard Arnault applied for a Belgium citizenship. Hundreds of French wealthy people had already been invited by the British Prime Minister to come to the United Kingdom. And Brits are already joking with French that they can't keep their millionaires.


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