S&P gifting Greece to save the world of financial mysticism

S&P surprisingly decided to increase the credit rating of Greece by 6 steps at a time, bringing it to B- level. Can you imagine that evaluations of ridiculous analysts like S&P are fixed in laws of much countries as obligatory to have in mind from big investors when deciding where to put their money? Do you believe that is true? In fact it is true. S&P makes bullshits and investors have to believe it :)


India declares war on... Gold

A global repression against Gold is inevitable and is already in way. The first steps are made and the regime will become more fierce with time. Just as written in my fiction story "Jews" governments will declare war on Gold trying this way to hide their own incompetence and stupidity. Today I have read an article on Bloomberg that India is trying to improve its big trade deficit and its negative current account by... fighting the import of Gold.


The France economic surrealism

In France a surreal theater is going in which a transnational corporation (ArcelorMittal) is getting ready to dump some workers on the street, while a sinecure Minister (of industrial development) walks around the plants and calls for a nationalization, and at the same time the finance minister (who is something like an unofficial boss to the industrial minister) is trying to calm things and persuade investors that France is a good place for making business. The President stands well hidden behind the ministers and struggles to keep leftist voters while using crumbs to bribe corporations, for not closing jobs.


What is called a real budget mess?

You think US budget talks are complex and difficult? Imagine this:
Obama has a government of 50 members and all of them are appointed not by him, but by the state governors, and approved by the House. This Executive Branch of the Government prepares the budget and sends it to the House for an approval. After that the bill goes to The Senate where every senator has a veto right. I.e. full consensus is needed for this bill to pass.
Don't you think this will be a really complex and entangled budget procedure?
But it is not a fiction. It is absolutely real. In EU.


The concept of the "new protectionism"

Depression, recession, L-crisis, W-crisis… You will hear much explanations on the problems of the world economy. And all they are not true. Because in fact there is no any problems in much and important regions –like China, India and Brazil. In these countries there is neither a depression, nor a recession. In fact these countries mark an impressive growth. So while in Western countries and Japan economists are wondering what happens, in China economists are enjoying to comment only good news. What happens?


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