Putin knocked-out the Western socialists

Russian President Vladimir Putin has hit an impressive blow to West European Socialists with winning the battle of who will give Gerard Depardieu a citizenship. It is an emblematic move that may be formally ends the 20-year superiority of West vs. East after the crash of the Red era in Easter Europe in 80s.


Putin to gift the Lenin mummy to Obama

For the first time in 20 years in the U.S. will be raised taxes. Guess for whom? For the "rich" :)))
Now I expect the proletarian presidents and prime ministers from around the world to unite in this type of policy and begin underpinning each other giving the example that others also raising taxes on the bad rich guys. So apparently this is the salvation of the crisis.


Gold closed the year at $1676, marking a 12th consecutive year of stable growth

With a closing price on December 31 of $ 1,676 per ounce, Gold marks the 12th consecutive year of uninterrupted trend up. Its growth in 2012 averaged 7%, while in 2011 the growth was 10%. In both cases, this is probably the true inflation, which if recognized officially will lead to end of all paper-money experiments designed to "fight the crisis" and "rescue troubled debtors of any kind". Instead, Governments present us some 2-3% inflation and explain how the "stimulus" is insufficient.


French Socialists cancelled the 75%-tax bullshit

The ruling French socialists, under the leadership of President Francois Hollande has found an elegant way to cancel one of their most stupid, and at the same time - most popular policies - the 75% income tax on the "rich". Yesterday the French Constitutional Council ruled the new taxes unconstitutional shooting directly in Hollande's most attractive promise on elections held this year. This way Hollande has fulfilled his promises, but nothing of them will happen actually. Obviously this is a political maneuver, as the arguments of the Council (called also Constitutional Court) are very away from juridical and sound more like political talking.


"Fiscal cliff" is better than the real danger - the "debt cliff"

Why do they call it a "fiscal cliff"? In fact it is a policy in the right direction, although not using the best tools. So a "fiscal-cliff", or maybe better called "a debt-cliff", will occur if again no policy is implemented and everything remains in the "good old way". In this alternative, and presented as "salvation" scenario, the deficit will remain higher, the debt will continue to increase in an uncontrollable way and at the end - some day, USA will really go bankrupt. This will be a real cliff, believe me. In either scenario - Government default, or inflationary dollar devaluation, American people will have to pay the high price of political irresponsibility.


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