The "trillion dollar coin" and the policy of joke

A "trillion dollar" coin sounds like a joke. All people that hear about it are laughing. Even the tricky-minded proponents of the idea explain it with a smile on face. Yes, formally this is an option if the debt ceiling is not lifted. But even so it remains a joke. Therefore a joke is all the government policy in the last few years. Because this policy was exactly the same. Without even a coin :)


If Germany becomes "ill", then who will be the healthy one in EU?

If it is right that German economy is going bad, and after the this autumn elections this hidden truth will come clear, then the most bad of the Euro crisis is still ahead. Germany is the most strong fulcrum of the Euro zone, and without its support the common currency will simply disintegrate.


Japanese pension funds like the shine of Gold

Japanese pension funds intend to double their investments in gold, in an answer to government plans to inflate the Yen in an effort to inspire an economic growth. The investments will double in next 2 years - reaching 100 billion yen ($1,1 billion) from 45 billion yen at current moment.


Another cheap labor on global market - North Korea to repeat the Chinese strategy

North Korea is preparing for a step-by-step opening of its economy to alter the 64-year communism system. German specialists are invited to advice the government. The Party leader in his New Year speech even mentioned about improving the relationships with South Korea.


FED with another theatre-in-minutes

The publication of last FOMC minutes hit the markets and led to some rapid movements. Some investors are thinking that the money-print era is closing its end and FED, and may be other Central banks, will become more conservative in near future. But don't worry. There is much and perspective future ahead for the money-print. When this process is once started it is very difficult to be stopped. That is the lesson from the history. When you start using the "pill" of money emission you can not stop it until the hyperinflation burns all your "production" and the economy restarts from zero. Is is simply the law of foolishness. No way out of it - every time you try to reverse it, something happens and stops you from the change.


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