Economy - down, Dow and S&P - up :)))

Today the US unemployment rate rose to 7,9%, and as a result the markets... skyrocketed. This simple instance can show us how crazy has become the world.


Obama+Bernanke perpetual machine

Was today's drop in US economic data unexpected? Absolutely no. If fact the economy has never started improving so the data of going down is right. You can not improve the economy without any reforms, by increasing the government spending and taxes. What of all this will improve the economy... :)))


It is not with the guns only, it is with the economy

Are USA the most armed nation in the world? This is a very interesting question in times of an extreme gun violence on streets, and some attempts from The President to implement a regulation. The answer is "No". The most armed nation in the world in terms of personal weapons (and without counting atomic bombs, submarines and aircraft carriers) is... Switzerland. Yes - a country richer that USA, measured in income per capita. A country much more social and leftish than USA, and a country located in Europe, where usually the gun control is stronger than in USA. But in Switzerland the average citizen owns more weapons that the average American.


Touch-screen laptops are better than the tablets

At the end of last year the Acer boss Jim Wong predicted that touch-screen laptops will dominate the market and will beat the tablets. His words were backed by an internal test in the company that showed good results. Some time ago the Apple guru Steve Jobs said exactly the opposite. And again based of "tons of user testing". I think Wong is right.


Perpetual QE-s granted with Comrade Obama outplayed the social-democrats

When the US social-democrats (Republicans) retreated to extreme socialists (Democrats) on the issue of "Fiscal cliff" they said that they will focus of debt ceiling debate to press comrade Obama agree on spending cuts. After that The President placed an ultimatum for the debt ceiling and rejected any negotiation. And won a victory.


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