Does Putin have other choice?

     The Crimea crisis is may be the first brutal visible result of the decomposition of the Western society. We are seeing a strong leader occupying part of neighbor country, and in exchange receiving much talking and some funny sanctions, excluding the leader himself and the highest ranking officers of his government.
     In fact the West can do nothing. The West first has lost the political battle, after pro-Russian parties have won presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine. After that the West has lost the economic battle by offering Ukraine only 1 billion euros ($1,4 billion) for a period of 7 years. At the same time Putin offered $15 billion almost immediately. And at the end the West has lost the military stage by just sitting and looking how Russian loyalists occupied Crimea and requested joining to Russia.

     But that is just beginning. Because the Ukraine knock-out for the West policy marks a fundamental problem and not an isolated problem.
     The West is in overall social crisis. It includes a moral crash, a demographic crash and an economic crash. The West is no more a world power. It is a shadow of a former power. The west is dependent on Russian money. NATO is an empty shell of countries without armies, each of them relying on the rest (again army-less) members to guarantee its security. And the West is ruined by a total moral crash that destroyed the proven traditional morale in favor of new and suspicious experiments in liberalization of fundamental social structures.
     Such a subject cannot balance a well ruled, debt-less and rapidly developing in economy country like Russia.
     But the most funny of all is the capitulation of the West in a shot-less war that was surprising even for Russia. Putin obviously had no plans of occupying Ukraine. He was surprised by the sudden crash of President Yanukovitch and his parliamentarian majority. He was surprised by power in Kiev going in hands of suspicious radicals that immediately started issuing anti-Russian laws. Putin had no other choice than to annex Crimea, after radicals took power in Kiev, and Russian minority started panicking. What else could Putin do?
     In long term Putin has no interest in dividing Ukraine. With Crimea, entering Russia, Putin loses millions of loyal to Russia voters in Ukrainian elections. In fact, with Russians in Ukraine he succeeded in taking the whole power and the whole country. With annexing parts of Ukraine, he de facto makes a gift to the pro-west wing in Ukrainian politics. In Ukraine elections are always with a close margin. Without Crimea it will be impossible for pro-Russian parties to repeat the Yanukovitch success.
     But having no other choice, Putin just had to occupy Crimea. And did it without a shot fired. At the same time the West looks more and more funny with its helplessness.
     But that is not the end. That is the beginning. The West will lose more and more, because it lacks economic power and moral values. Putin will become stronger and stronger. Putin is becoming the new hope for all nations that feel themselves depressed from the domination of the West and mostly from USA. And these people are not a small number. Some Palestinians in Gaza are already asking to join Russian Federation. It looks like a joke, but have you heard in last years another impulse of joining somewhere. The processes are usually opposite – separatism. Putin is the first global leader to win love from real people.
     So the show is just starting…

Dobri B.
March 19th 2014

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