Paul Ryan for VP: The first victory of Ron Paul's campaign

The selection of Paul Ryan as vice-presidential candidate of Mitt Romney marks the biggest victory of Ron Paul in campaign. And in fact in all his campaigns up to now. Paul Ryan is the most conservative in economy candidate that is possible if we don't count d-r Paul himself. It is obvious that this move is addressing exactly the Paul's supporters and is an attempt to unify the divided Republican Party.

Romney himself is not very convincing, as he is may be the most leftish candidate that Republicans can appoint. With his own health care reform as a governor and obvious sympathy to the big government, Romney looks more like Obama-2, than like his alternative. So the right conservators among  Republicans were not very happy with him.

The Tea Party having an increasing influence, and Ron Paul - making an impressive campaign that showed serious support for him personally, were factors that Romney could not neglect. So Ryan was the best choice for him. To become a President you must first unite your own party.

Romney is 10% behind Obama that is a very hard to compensate advantage. An incumbent President very rarely loses the election for a second term. So Romney must be radical and aggressive, and also - needs a maximum mobilization of right voters. Paul Ryan is exactly the answer. If in addition some of program ideas of Ron Paul are accepted (for instance the audit of FED), then the Republican Party will go to election in best mobilization.

It is interesting if Ryan will withdraw his candidature from the congressional race. The law allows him to run for both vice-president and House Representative simultaneously. But it will help the Romney campaign if Ryan does not keep his reserve chance. This will demonstrate self-confidence. But the risk of losing the election remains and in this case Republicans will lose a very strong player in The Congress. So it is not an easy choice...

August 11the 2012

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