Weidmann bravery in a democratic leaderless reality

In a Sunday interview Jens Weidmann - the top banker of Germany (Head of Bundesbank and a member of European Central Bank Governing Council) said the known-by-all truth that everyone tries to keep secret. The truth that EU problems are in politics and not politics is its victim. Being silent for a long time now Mr Weidmann said that EU leaders don't make enough to fight the crisis, and the only way to success is austerity, spending cuts and lowering the deficit and the debt. This is the proven by real life truth that EU politics reject to hear.

But more important than this is the fact that this is the truth that people and voters reject to hear. The fresh election results from France show that even the partial and half-way reforms (like the ones implemented by Sarkozy) are punished. So every leader that has no other advantages to compensate this loss is doomed to go out of power. The inconvenient truth is that so called social welfare state has deeply changed the minds of people and now much people believe they have rights with almost no obligations. So every attempt to point the real truth - "money for working and no money without working", every such attempt inspires a fierce resistance.

Weidmann is not a politic. He is not dependent on voters. So he is in easier situation to speak. The problem is that only the speaking can do nothing. It is doubtful if in current situation reforms are possible, based on democracy procedures. The fact that only non-elected officers are free to tell the truth may be points to another truth - that the democracy may be endangered. The problems of EU must be decided, as they threaten to crash the entire union. But if democratic politics are helpless in doing reforms, so it is absolutely possible something not so democratic to appear.

May be the EU problem is that its politics are not true leaders. A leader is a politic who can make what is needed - even unpopular, without limiting the democracy. Leaders are Reagan, Thatcher, de Gaulle... Our current politics are not leaders. They are just combinators and intriguers that are good in winning elections. But not so good in ruling after that. And with no leaders who can make reforms with democracy, the risk is real of losing - entirely or partially, the democracy itself...

April 23rd 2012

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