Saudi Arabia

  Calculated - Jan 2012

Debt/GDP = 0,17 (17%)
Accumulated deficit for last 5 years/budget income for last 5 years = -0,13 (Saudi Arabia has a budget surplus)
Years since last default = 67 (Independent state since 1945, so before that is equal to default)
5-year inflation = 0,28 (28%)
Budget expences/GDP = 0,37
Trade deficit/GDP = -0,33 (Saudi Arabia has a trade surplus)
Political factor = 0,4
Crisis factor = 0,3 (3rd party war at the borders)

OVERALL CREDIT SCORE: 1,57 (157%). This responds to AAA.

(This is one of the very rare cases with a rating above 100%. This is not strange, it is real. Saudi Arabia has an enormous trade and budget surplus, so it is a dream-debtor. Generally this rating means that it is good to lend money to a rich petrol country...)
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