Gold is back bullish, Oil soon

As we saw in last 7-8 trading days, Gold is back on the bullish trend. It was clear that the previous fall below $1550 was deeply illogical and with no real market fundaments. While keeping low interest rates central banks are constantly printing money and financing not only the government deficits, but also much losses of banks and corporations. With markets constantly flooded with cheap money there is no way assets like Gold and Oil to go down. There is too much money against fixed quantity of real assets. And money supply additionally goes up. So such funny falls of prices are good moments to buy. The Gold has restarted the up-trend. The one who has bough cheap will make profits. I think the same will happen soon with Oil. The Gold-bull-restart is an indication of oil back on bull trend...

June 12th 2012 18:32 p.m. GMT

Was this prognosis right? Look at the results analysis...


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